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Day 2 of LA family fasting and prayers.


Focus: unity & familyPart 1: UNITY For LA family.

PSALM 133:1     EPHESIANS 4:3-5 ( please meditate on them first)
1) Thank God for making us one with Him.

2) Cast out every spirit of deception from #LA FAMILY  in Jesus’ name. 

3) Thank the Lord for making you one with the brethren. Give God praise for bringing many together as one family of God.

4) Pray that the agreement of evildoers against any member of the family shall be confused.

5) Break the power of any spirit that wants to divide you and the brethren in The LA Family.

6) pray that God will give the leaders divine wisdom on how to keep the members of LA family united in Spirit.
7) Thank the Lord, because we will stay and grow together, forever.

Part 2. prayers focus on the FAMILY

(Please meditate on the recommended scriptures first)

1. Thank the Lord for what He is doing in your family in the name of Jesus.
2. Pray that your family will be a home of peace, a light in this dark world, and a shelter for the weary.

3. Draw a blood line against the spirit of divorce in your home. Pray that your children will be the head and not the tail and that they will be builders of God’s kingdom.

4. If a single person, pray that you will walk in purity and not succumb to enticement. 

5. Ask the Lord to show you (lead you to) your wife (husband) and thank Him for doing it.

 6, Pray that none shall be barren in the LA Family.

7. Pray against any form of accident. None of your family members will be involved in an accident in 2014 and beyond in Jesus name. 

8. Begin to prophesy blessings into your family in Jesus name. 

Very important you share your testimonies and revelations.

Send to @thelafamily

God bless you, and cause His face to continually shine upon you!