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Conquer the kings in your life by @sholape1

Good morning family!

A snack from Joshua 12.

You will agree with me that this chapter is somewhat like some chapters in Chronicles where all you see are names (difficult to pronounce sef 🙈). But, like other parts of the Bible, they are inspired by God; therefore, they are meaningful (there are no irrelevant words in the Word).

The Israelites “conquered” kings. Kings represent authority, strong men, strongholds. Kings have the final say on what is permissible in their kingdoms. In most cases, to prosper in a land, you have to enjoy the goodwill of the king (check how many prosperous men and women are enemies of their leaders/kings). For the Israelites to get to the Promised land, cities had to be taken but more importantly, kings had to be conquered.

Implications for us?

There are strong men between us and our destiny and they must be conquered. The strong men/kings we battle could be spiritual as well as physical. What habits control us?

Some of us desire to work and walk in the supernatural but until certain kings are conquered, our desire will remain what it is – desire. You desire to be a counselor but you are yet to conquer the tongue -which is a great king in the body, how can God entrust the wellbeing and confidences of His children to you? You desire to be a pastor/shepherd, but anger and unforgiveness control you, how will God give His children  to your care? How can you effectively take charge in prayer and spiritual warfare if you are lazy?

You ask how these habits/characters are kings? See, they direct our lives and decide what we do and do not do just as kings do regarding their kingdoms.
And if we are taking dominion over the land they ‘king’ over, there has to be a conquest not a treaty.

As at Joshua 12, Joshua conquered 36 kings. So I ask you (as I was asked by the Holy Spirit), how many kings have you conquered? Selah! #LAWISDOM