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Collabo with an enemy of God.

If you use the B then add the last two words of the name, Ben-Hadad, you’ll have BAD.

First, this king of Syria undermines the God of Israel. “Yes, He’s God of the hills, but never of the plains!” Ben-Hadad suggests,

How God hates when men undermine His capabilities. God doesn’t like it. God hates it. And always comes out to defend himself, for He always can. He did for Elijah when he called fire upon watery wood. He did it for King Ahab when Ben – Hadad echoed the unheard sound of victory over the Israelites. He’ll do it for you!

Secondly, Ahab sought friendship with one who cursed the God of Israel. That brought punishment on King Ahab.

We should not court the friendship of the enemies of our God, whether or not they come in peace.

God help us to be sensitive to His spirit.