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Benefits of The Presence of God by Dr. Paul Enenche (@DrPaulEnenche)

(Ex. 13:20-22)

To understand the place of God’s Presence in openings in life.

The presence of God is an asset of unquantifiable worth.

There is no future for man without the presence of God
(Ex. 33:16; Ps. 51:12; Mark 16:20)

1. Divine Direction – the voice of God is located in the presence of God
(Num. 7:89)

2.Revelational light – (Ex. 13:20-21)
Carriers of the God’s presence are lighted people (Ps. 89:15; 36:9)

3.The Presence of God creates openings (Ps. 114:1-8)

-Presence carriers don’t beg doors to open

– Stop struggling for the attention of important people; look for God and important people will look for you!

4.Divine Treasures – (Is. 45:1-3; Gen. 39:2)

5.Supernatural Rest – (Mark 4:37-38; Jn. 8:29)

Everything that puts your life under pressure, this morning, that pressure is over!

6.Fearless courage – (1Kings 17:1-2; Ps. 23:3-5)

– Fear is a manifestation of distance from the presence of God.
– Courage is the backbone of Conquerors.

7. Supernatural power – (1kings 17:1; Mark 16:20; Act 10:38)
If you have acquired His Presence, you don’t need extra prayer for power.

Anybody that you need to see that is connected to your destiny, they will look for you!

The Presence of God is the atmosphere for the supernatural.

8. Angelic ministry – (Lk. 1:19; Is. 63:9a)
– There are Presence Angels.
– It is a luxury to move in the company of Angels.

9. Divine Preservation – (Ps. 23:4-5; 91:1-2, 11)
– You can’t carry God and they waste you!
– No devil can finish you just like that!
if the only thing you have in life is the Presence of God; you have too much!

10.Glorious distinction (1kg. 17:1; Ex. 33:16;34:29-30; Num. 23:9)

You are about to shine!
Because of the distinction that is coming upon you, they will give you a preferential treatment.

1. Absolute surrender – (Ps. 23:1; Is. 45:1)
– God is looking for whom to lead not those who want to lead Him.

2.Word obedience – (Jn. 14:23)
Behind spiritual dryness is disobedience.

3.Word insight – (1sam. 3:21; Jn. 1:1)
– Entering into word is entering into God.

4.Worship lifestyle – (Ps. 22:3; 89:15)

5. Humble lifestyle – (Ps. 34:18; Is. 57:15)
– Every lifting should impart humility, where mentality is correct.

6. Upright lifestyle – (Is. 59:1-2; Ps. 24:3-4)
– Iniquity is the enemy of intimacy with God.
– Whatever defiles your conscience denies you the Presence.

7. Strong passion – (Ps. 42:1-2; 63:1-2)