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My bed bugs experience (John 5) #LAFruits

I had been delaying writing this article about sin and bed bugs. Today, however, reading John 5 brought the idea back, loud and clear.

Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.

John 5:14 KJV

Have you ever woken up to see bed bugs surround you, having a nice time on your bed?

I pray not.

But that really was the experience I had sometime ago. I had started observing them one by one, killed a few only to see them come back. I took the issue to the authorities and applied every recommendation I was given – from using kerosene to buying other expensive sprays, but they wouldn’t leave easily. In fact, the uni had to come spray the whole region before they were overpowered and finally left my abode.

Since then, I’ve been careful of the places I visit and the persons I let into my place as well. I clearly do not want a repeat of the shameful bedbug drama.

Learn & Apply (LA): Our spiritual life is most connected to our health and vitality, as we can see from the text; and whenever we begin to play again with sin and unrighteousness, we are saying we don’t mind having again the diseases God has delivered us from. Brethren, this ought not to be.

Prayer: May God help us to be steadfast and unmoveable, fleeing all appearances of evil, and guarding our heart so that all our thoughts and actions please Him, and always. Amen.

Ike Amadi


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