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Be of Good Courage!

‘Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart,
All you who hope in the Lord.’ Psalm 31:24

Are you depressed? Perhaps you are facing an overwhelming situation? Are you grappling with the death of a loved one? Or recently lost your job? Know this, you are not alone; God will come through for you.

Sometimes we may not always understand why we have to pass through difficulties in life, especially as Christians, but someday we will. Trusting in God is crucial during the most difficult times, trusting in God is choosing not to see our problems but seeing that which the Lord has promised. Hard times often mould us and make us a better person so when we do not always get what we want, let us remember that God has our best interest at heart and loves us deeply.

In such gloomy times let us cultivate the habit of giving thanks to God: make a list of all the things for which we have to appreciate God and we will see that the latter far outweighs our reasons for feeling sad. Total trust in God is the only way for a Christian in difficult times. He is the only cure for our hurts and pains. We need to turn all of our burdens over to Him and refrain from trying to help God in our impatience or despair and seek help elsewhere. Help from the Lord is eternal anything else will only be temporal.

There is great gain in trusting and waiting upon the Lord. Those who wait upon the Lord will never be ashamed or disgraced. Abraham trusted in God completely, even when his trust meant killing his beloved son.

May the Lord help us as we depend on Him for all our needs.

I speak victory into all situations, my life will not be lost in this battle and may my expectations not be cut short in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s devotional was written by Kemi Ogunjimi, @feyily