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ArchBishop Idahosa: Pursue the Commission, not the Addition

Archbishop Benson Idahosa


1. If you don’t live what you preach, then those hearing you are wasting their time.

2. If you pursue the addition, you will miss the commission.
“All these things shall be added unto you by the commission.”
It is when you go after what God says that the reward will follow obedience.

Open up. God wants to tell you something that will affect you, and affect generations after you.

Every money you need is already in the bank account of God.

In Africa, we have no mortgage, we have faithgage.

You can affect others only when the life of Christ affects you.

When you are tired of being a boy, you can become a man.
When you are tired of bending, you can stand tall.

What heavy load are you carrying? You have power to say to every darkness before your eyes, let there be light!

Don’t ask Jesus to fill your cup, when you have rivers inside you.

Look for friends with personality and action. Look for do something men.

Leave those friends who are going backwards.

You need an admonisher, and not a demolisher.

Find someone who is doing something with nothing, and become his brother.

Time for you to say, Who is naked, I can clothe you.

Don’t talk the way people talk. If God has given a vision, he gives provision. If God lays a foundation, he can roof it….if he can give you the choir, he can give you the music master.

That is the God we serve!