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#la187 Is My Truth Whip!


Reading the bible via  the #la187 plan has been so awesome; and I mean it is awesome.The flow of the story alone makes it  great; not just the  little bites they serve you during sermons.

Personally;having read through from genesis, I can say if we stopped now and applied everything we got so far;i have no doubt heaven will invade earth.What do I mean? We are about establishing God’s kingdom right? That’s our business. How much have we learn’t so far? what has it done? How far has our personal development gone? How interactive, at the personal level have we gotten with the word?

You know as we were reading especially through  exodus,everyone wondered “why were the Israelites so stubborn?How could they forget so fast what God did for them” Don’t you still wonder? That someone will start so well with God then end up being smitten due to forsaking God. It is not our portion!

During my meditation i realized how  it is so easy to wonder why they went wrong, how they forgot too fast, and why all the fallen characters had to. Then a question came to me, is there any possibility that I am actually doing the same thing indirectly? I asked myself again; AM I?

Oh really, I wanted to ignore this thought,but consider this:

  • something goes out place and my first reaction is “Oh God why did I even have to be here?” I am simply telling God where I was was better than where He is putting me now, and I would love to go back. Is it any different from what the Israelites complained of?
  • Moses hits the rock instead of speaking to it; I was like “follow instructions Moses!” Numbers 20: 8-12. I now ask me;Do I really follow and observe ALL of God’s instructions?Am I by any chance like Moses?
  • I  read my bible everyday, i know what the word says, i meditate on it; but there is something that has a first priority in my life. I think of someone/something else more than I think of God. I spend 2, 3 hours in a phone call, you know this is my closest friend; the only person i can open my heart to, the first person i let know of what is going on in my life…then i spend at least 5 minutes talking to God out of the 24 hours He has freely given me!!!!!!Am I any different from the ammonites and all them that worshiped idols?They simply put something above God; Am I practicing idolatry? Yes I am, and condemning them at the same time for casting graven images!you get it? Just to mention but a few.

Am I reading this book to entertain me and see how and who did what; confess which is my portion and what is not mine then leave it just there? Of course no. I must do something. I must make sure i learn from the mistakes of the fallen, not just by empty words, but my life must show it. David fall<the case of Uriah’s wife>He murdered. We have not murdered, it is not our portion. In Jesus’ name! But hey, what thoughts are going inside of us?Are we committing murder, adultery by any chance? Am I?

As we read through, may be you would love to join me in this challenge; is there anything in my life that is equivalent to this current situation? AM I by any chance doing this indirectly?What am I going to do about it? The greatest and paradoxically the saddest thing is that We cannot hide from God; he searches the heart. He knows me; He knows you. He is speaking to us daily through His word, indirectly using other people/characters to warn and teach us; that we may walk perfectly with Him. He is always giving us a chance to see where we go wrong and how; so we can turn to Him.

I find it  wise to take each bible case personal and use it as a check point on our own ways of life,it might not be the exact thing, but is there anything that could lead us to fall?chuck it out!My dearest reader; His grace is sufficient,it is better to cry to Him and say “Lord, forgive me, I let Go and let you!Let God!” Let us apply the lessons in all spheres of our life; and as I said if we at all stop now; and do ALL we have learnt so far; we are ready to go! You can now guess how much more as we continue.

This, #LA187 is my #home and #school; and is now my truth whip! It will be a shame on me to let a day go without doing something on what I have learnt; i will deserve God’s whip. I choose the  #la187 whip. It is molding me, it does not spare me,lest I be spoilt<prov 13:24>, so I can grow up a disciplined. I choose to ask myself Am I? And then DO SOMETHING! about it. what about you?

@_ekaks for @la187family