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A Poet’s Exegesis of Paul’s 2nd letter to Timothy.

Death is abolished, my life is immortal,
No fear or trepidations of the hereafter,
My spirit lives on forever,
Fuelled by love,
Powered by grace.

Unashamed, I stir daily,
The gift of a sound mind and of sound words,
Lovingly speaking, rightly dividing,
Words of life,
Words of truth.

Of the Mercy, Grace and Love
Freely bestowed I’ve received,
Not by works,
But by Grace,
Oh Precious Grace.

I’m a soldier,
Holding fast to truth like a sword,
Watching and enduring,
I turn away not from the battle,
To the part of Hermogenes.

My genes pass on Truth, Light and Godliness,
Like Louis and Eunice,
I’m a believer, a witness,
Of the many grants of mercy,
Without refunds.

With a grateful heart,
Neither corrupt, nor reprobate,
Holding onto sound doctrine,
Forward forge I,
Unto Life Eternal.

Vessels: of earth and wood,
Some gold, some silver,
To be of honour, My greatest desire,
Being fit for the Master’s use,
My heart’s longing.

Now I stir daily,
Gifts purposefully given,
Empowered from Above,
No greater pleasure,
Than living for the Master.


©2014 Gbenga Osowe / Dr Fif / #LATeamJudah