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A little about 1st, 2nd, & 3rd John.

These three letters were written so one could tell the difference between genuine christians and those who were not. John exposes the false claims and damaging actions of false teachers and provides strong assurance to those who are consistent in the Christian faith.‬

‪John, known as the Apostle of Love, wrote these three short epistles, along with the gospel of John and Revelation. John witnessed truth and love firsthand. He spent time with Jesus. All  of his writings communicate the love of God he had found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.‬‪First John gives practical advice on knowing God and being assured of our salvation. Second John warns believers about false teaching and encourages us to follow and obey God. Third John reminds believers to show hospitality, cling to the truth and do what is right.

‪These letters encourages us to live godly lives, always looking to the truth to discern false teachings that seek to discolor the truth and to assist those who are seeking to spread the gospel. Read his letters and be encouraged to truly live for christ.‬

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Culled from Hope Bible by Joel Osteen.