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A Better Way to Pray by @sholape1

I always wondered why people say “God of…(insert a pastor/prophet’s name)” The only logical thing that comes into my mind is such people have seen things purportedly done by the said God. My amazement is not in how quick people pray with ‘God of somebody’; it is more in how certain people are that the God of somebody is true and not some fluke.(pardon my cynicism) I would confess though that I also say ‘You are the God of Jacob, Abraham,Isaac and the Fear of Israel’ and maybe it would mean that I am also praying in/with a God of somebody.*pensive* In today’s reading, David teaches/introduces to me a new God!!! THE GOD WHO SAVES ME (Psalms 88:1 NIV) It is a personal claim to divinity. My claim to Christ. When I say this, God sees the work of salvation and the huge sacrifice that Christ made on the cross. He doesn’t see Pastor O or Prophet T. He sees Christ who provides purification for my sins (Heb 1:3)and is given everything and has become everything I would ever need. Isn’t that a better way to pray?

Written by
Olushola Oludayo