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7 Things That Happen To You At The Place of Prayer.

Luke 9:28-31
The impact of prayer on the believer.


1. Prayer changes the countenance of the believer.
We experience faith and are uplifted when we persist in prayer. 1 Sam 1:18
2. Prayer changes the identity of the believer.
At the place of prayer you can expect a change of name.
Whatever identity that doesn’t match with God’s plan for your life is changed in the place of prayer.
3. Sanctification and a deepened consecration happens at the place of prayer. Psalm 139:24. No darkness can stand the presence of God.
4. Potentials are released at the place of prayer. All your God given ideas are released at the place of prayer.
5. Divine encounters are brought into the life of the Believer that has spent time in prayer. You see visions.
“Behold there spoke with him two men…”
6. “They appeared to him in glory.”
The place of prayer is the place of accessing the glory of God.
2 Cor 3;18
7. Secrets are revealed at the place of prayers.
Jeremiah 33:3
Your prayer of today will usher you into the details concerning your tomorrow.
God reveals the things to come at the place of prayers.

By Daniel Ayeni