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7 Things About Christ. from #LA130 Day 90

7 Prayers from Colossians 1

1. God is giving us the knowledge of his will.
2. God is giving us spiritual wisdom and understanding. Col 1:9
3. Our modus vivendi (mode of life) will honor and please God. Col 1:10
4. Our lives will produce every kind of good fruit as we know God more. Col 1:10
5. We will be strengthened with God’s glorious power. 1: 11
6. We have all the patience and endurance we need. 1:11
7. We are filled with joy. 1:11

7 Things about Christ:
1. Christ is the visible image of the invisible God.
2. Through Christ God created everything. 1: 15
3. Christ holds all creation together. 1:17
4. Christ is the head of the church. 1:18
5. Christ is the beginning. The first of everything.
6. Through Christ God reconciled everything to himself.
7. Christ’s blood on the cross was an instrument of peace. V. 20.