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7 Refreshing Quotes on the #Sanctified Life. #LAFruits

1. Sin is the peculiar thing in the life of man which dims the consciousness of man so he cannot comprehend God.(Tweet This)

2. The spirit lies dormant in most men until quickened by the living Spirit of God and until fertilized by the real Spirit of Jesus Christ.(Tweet This)

3. Sanctification is possessing the mind of Christ, and all the mind of Christ. – John Wesley. (Tweet This)

4. A holy mind cannot repeat a vile thing let alone be the creator of the vile suggestion. (Tweet this)

5. Wherever we are, we leave the impression of out thoughts there. If our thoughts are pure and holy like Christ, people will walk into the atmosphere and instantly discover it.

6. Our minds need to be stayed in Christ, kept by the power of God, infilled with the Holy Spirit of Christ so that we reflect His beauty, show forth His love and evidence His power.

7. The inflow of holy life into our body must produce holiness in the body, just as it does in the soul. (Tweet this)

The above are quotes from John G. Lake’s sermon, Sanctification

Quotes were prepared by @tianaGabrielle of @theLAfamily

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