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4 Ways to Overcome Depressing Times by Jim Cymbala:

1. Always remember, you are in good company. God is with you.

2. Don’t believe bad thoughts. Anything that is contrary to the word of God is a lie, for God is true.

3. Talk to yourself. God is not dead, he is alive. And he made a covenant that he will walk with you. Preach to yourself, exhort yourself. God will not abandon me! Stand on the promises of God.

4. Get out of your groaning, your gloom. Resist it and praise God for what he has done in the past. How he is going to handle this situation I don’t know, but God will help me! God says, “Never fear, for I will help you.”

Living in the negative will hurt your loved ones, your children. Get out of that situation and praise the Lord.

God will help you find that place to live.
He will help me find that job.
He will help me. I am not living in that gloom.

Get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Break free from the shackles and bless the name of the Lord.