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3 Milestones on the highway of Miracle by Pastor William F Kumuyi

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Faith for every Battle.

Isaiah 35:3-8

Tonight, faith will come into your life in Jesus name.

Whatever has been frightening you and oppressing your life, tonight is the night of your redemption. The night of salvation. The night of freedom.

Your God will come and save you. Salvation in all its ramifications.

v. 5. Every feebleness and weakness in your life will varnish away in Jesus name.

IF you are fearful, or under oppresion, and something beyond you is operating against your progress, tonight He will set you free in Jesus name.

God will not fail in your life tonight in Jesus name.

God will rebuke the operators of evil in your life and family in Jesus name. He will come to you right there and deliver you in Jesus name. God will set you free. TOnight is the night of your testimony in Jesus name.

The HighWay to Supernatural and TOtal Redemption.

CHrist has provided for everythign you need. Everything you need is available through the sacrifice and suffering of JEsus Christ on the cross of calvary. But there is a highway you must take. As you take that highway tonight, you will be a recipient of the miracle power of God in Jesus name.

3 Milestones on the highway of Miracle.

1. The Highway of Repentance to Salvation
Isaiah 35:8
Whoever you are, you can take that highway and get to that desirable city. THe city of God. and the same thing the blessing of God, the salvation of God. And this is for everyone, for the man for the woman, for the high for the low. For the educated, for the illiterate.

when Adam and Eve fell into sin, we lost the salvation. But the Almighty sent Jesus Christ to bring us back from the way we fell, and bring us back to that image, to that same level that he created in righteousness and purity. God wants to take away our sins. he wants to take away the effects of the fall of man.

We must stay on the highway that leads to that redemption – total forgiveness, total freedom.

Isaiah 59:1-2
Stealing, abortion, defilements, the things we do that make us feel bad. God wants us to come. To say I am sorry. God wants us to quit. Tonight, somebody is repenting.

There must be repentance.
Isaiah 1:16. Wash you and make you clean. Remove lying, uncleanness, stealing,fornication.

2. The Highway of recovery from all sicknesses

Isaiah 35:3

Look away from your life, behold your God.
Look away from all that occultism, behold your God.

Thank God he can, thank God He will.
He will come and save you, he will come and heal you, He will come and set you free, he will come and recover you.

Whatever the challenge is, the Lord will take care of it in Jesus name.

-All your dry places shall become refreshed in Jesus name.

Isaiah 53:4

Surely. Because God cannot fail. Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.

Leave all your iniquity, believe in the Lord and salvation and healing will come into your life.

3.The highway of retaining the supernatural.

The supernatural power of God will touch you tonight. He will save your body and heal your soul.

John 5:14

After he was healed, he was found in the house of God. He was not in a strange place with people who are doing evil.

When you leave your darkness and you come to Jesus the light of the world, light shines on your heart, behavior, life, and actions, and all the places of darkness, you won’t be there anymore. That’s how to retain the salvation, deliverance and supernatural power he has given you.

Today make up your mind: I come out of my wickedness, and I will not go back there.

You will not go back there in Jesus name.

Every power of satan is broken from your life tonight in Jesus name.

Whatever yoke that the devil has used in tying them down, I command them to be broken in Jesus name.

Let the healing virtues flow from the head to the toe in JEsus name. Manifest your miracle working power in our lives in Jesus name.

Culled from a revival service message by Pastor William Folorunsho Kumuyi</em>