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#LAJoshua Devotional Day 7 by @khemmzie


Caleb’s Testimony

But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high with wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. (NLT) Isaiah 40:31

When we grow old, some of us become weaker. The same is true of our christian journey, at times some if us grow weary. Tired of holding on, especially if a promise of God over our life seems not to be forthcoming. Like Sarah, you might have started to laugh every time you are reminded of that promise (Gen 18:12). Or like Abraham, held on to an unimaginable outcome to the promise of a faithful God.

When the stars in the sky seem to be covered by clouds of circumstances, do we go back to our human ways of handling things like Peter and the other disciples did(John 21:3)? Or we stand and weather the storm till we can boldly obtain our reward like Caleb?

When we stand for God and remain loyal to him, He renews our strength and keeps us so we may enjoy the reward of our righteousness.

Caleb was a very old man in age but remained a youth in strength and vigor. He outlived the men of his generation and by the help of God, fought and claimed his heritage.

Brethren, when we choose to serve the Lord, He gives us a purpose and along with it comes grace to accomplish it. Therefore, if ever our faith is shaken, let us remember Caleb’s testimony.
And if our strength begins to weaken, we should remember Caleb’s testimony and hold on to the promise in Isaiah 40:31.

Prayer Focus
Lord, sometimes I get tired, weak, discouraged and overwhelmed by all around me. Please help me to be strong in faith, wait on You, be renewed and strengthened by You so I may have a testimony to share. Thank You Father.

Written by Kemi Ayorinde of @theLAfamily