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Our hearts desire…

‘What ifs’ annoy me. They shouldn’t because there have been a few which were better left unexplored. However, most of the time when I get that ‘sense’ to act on something, I trust it and it always works out. So when I read about Mary Magdalene’s decision in John 20:11 to go inside the tomb and look, I became curious.

Have you ever found yourself in a state of indecision or the urge to do something, which to you seems pointless?

What if Mary Magdalene went home too? Would you?

When you’re distressed, well if you’re like me, you enter into a deep and constant 1-2-1 with spirit – asking, seeking, listening, and waiting. If our heart’s desire is in alignment with the will of God and God’s desire for you, it will manifest and our actions will glorify God.

I believe Mary Magdalene desired to see Jesus. She had risen very early, was the first one there, and built up the confidence to do everything to locate Jesus’ body. She was so locked in on Jesus, no wonder he told her not to cling to him…

How persistently are you seeking Him?

Be convicted! We need to have that same zeal which will bring the supernatural into the natural world to reveal God’s glorious works.

You don’t have to be ‘important’ for God to use you to reveal His greatest works to the world; you just have to have a heart that clings to Him.

‘Open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see you’

By Orode Faka (@0rode)