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2 Reasons Wicked Men Prosper by Pastor Jerry Sturgeon

Read the Book! Psalms Chapters 73-77 June 18

Psalm 73:17 “Until I went into the sanctuary of God; Then I understood their end.”

At first in this Psalm, David asks. Why do the wicked prosper? Why do the unsaved seem to live forever?

God has written His Law on the human heart. That knowledge alone should bring us to repentance. But God is merciful. He uses two other ways to influence people to repent.

First, he blesses them. His desire is that they will wake up and realize it wasn’t their ability that caused them to be blessed. And then if blessing doesn’t work, then He leaves them to their own destructions.

Second, God gives long life, desiring to show mercy and not willing that they should perish in their sin. Enough time to repent! But once they’ve had adequate time or an adequate witness of the Good News, then they are on their own.

Don’t be envious of the wicked!

Written by Pastor Jerry Sturgeon,