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#la187: Day 98: God Loves Us Endlessly.


Hello family.

I hope you are ALIVE. That is Always Living In View of Eternity.

Welcome to the #la187 podcast for day 98.

Today, we read Psalm 98 and 2 Chronicles 22-25.

Our memory verse was Psalm 98 : 4

“Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music.”

Why must we shout for joy to the Lord.

Ijeoma helped us answer that question,

“Because he loves us tirelessly, He loves us without end.”

Okay, to the Chronicles…

Ibukun shared the following which we found to be worth echoing:

–          Be careful of the advice you listen to. In today’s reading Ahaziah got wrong advice which the Bible says led him to his ruin. May we not be led astray by wrong advice. Amen.

–          Also, Ahaziah’s mother encouraged him to do evil. Mothers must make sure to encourage their children to serve and obey God and not otherwise.

–          Still on Ahaziah. After his death, he received a decent burial only because he was Jehoshaphat’s grandson. Meanwhile, his own descendants were not fit to be kings. The question is: What legacy are you leaving behind? We must remember that the way lead our lives will not only affect us but others!

–          Today we saw that even though Jehoiada was only a priest, he was buried with kings because of his diligence. #la187 family, let us remain diligent.

–          Now to king Amaziah. When Amaziah asked the man of God what would happen to the silver he spent in getting the fighting men from Israel, the man of God said, “God is able to give you much more than silver!  Have you lost what appears to be no longer recoverable? Well, God is able to give you much more. Now how fresh is that? Too fresh, if you ask me!

That’s all we are sharing for today.

We love you #la187 family, and we pray God to strengthen each and every one of us. As we like to say, we are all hardworking Christians, who recognize they are nothing without God.

Keep seeking Jesus! Keep learning; keep applying, so that you’ll remain Favored Redeemed, Elevated, and Spiritually health. – FRESH.