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12 Ways to Evangelize

Thinking of how to boost your work of evangelism? Consider these 12 ways to share your faith by the man of God, Dr. W.F. Kumuyi

  1. Personal evangelism.
  2. Friendship evangelism.
  3. Care evangelism.
  4. Interactive evangelism.
  5. Neigbourhood evangelism.
  6. Communal evangelism.
  7. School/college evangelism.
  8. Market evangelism.
  9. Hospital evangelism.
  10. Prison evangelism.
  11. Social media evangelism.
  12. Mass/crusade evangelism.

Which one are you currently engaged in? May God enable you to do more for Him in Jesus name.

Everytime someone preaches, someone is getting saved. Don’t stop sharing the Gospel.

People not getting saved where you are? Go yonder. Farmers go yonder to sow good seed; fishermen go yonder to catch good fish. Go yonder and get men and women saved for God.