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10 Things Prayer Can Do For You by Dr. Paul Enenche

The Power of Prayer

By Pastor Paul Enenche

Prayerful people are powerful people.

The deficiency of prayer leads to the deficiency of power.
Shortage of prayer leads to scarcity of power.

Where there is a decadence in the prayer altar, there will be decadence in destiny.

Delay in destiny starts with decay in the prayer life of people.

The importance of prayer

1. Place of prayer is the place of glory expansion.
Prayer is the trigger for the glory of God.

2. Transformation of destiny and identity happens in the place of prayer.
Something happens with the way you are labeled if you can go to the place of prayer.
Jacob’s identify was changed in the place of prayer.

The way you are perceived determines the way you are received.

At the place of prayer, every identity that is fighting your destiny is broken in Jesus name.

It doesn’t matter what the devil has imposed on your life, it is changeable at the place of prayer.

3. The place of prayer is the place of refinement of life and character.

“His garment was white and glistening”

The place of prayer is the place to crush any character trait and behavioral tendency that you dislike about yourself.

4. The place of prayer is the place of divine encounter.

A divine encounter is when God decides to supernaturally visit you to achieve something in your life.

It takes an encounter to counter the plans of the enemy.

5. The place of encounter is the place for direction for destiny.

Discernment is heightened in the place of prayer. You know the steps to take.

6. The place of prayer is a place for regeneration of oil. It is the place to press out oil for life and ministry.

Every genuine prayer effort is an effort to press out oil.

7. The place of prayer is a place to settle matters of destiny and divine assignment.

8. The place of prayer is the place where the will of man gets united with the will of God.

9. The place of prayer is the place to connect the strength needed to fulfill divine mandate.

Prayer is a place to collect strength to face the future you see.

10. The place of prayer is the place to activate angelic ministry and divine asisgnment.

How to get results from prayer:

1. Pray passionately, with fervency and intensity. James 4:6

2. Pray desperately. pray with the spirit of a fighter.

3. Pray persistently. 1 thess 5:17

Culled from Dr. Paul Enenche’s Sunday sermon at Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Area 1 Abuja.