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#SEW15: Strength to End Well 2015


God bless you for joining us for this 3-day fast. We believe your spiritual life will be revived, and you will receive strength to end 2015 well. Please click here to  sign up for the fast so we can adequately follow up on you.

Below are some prayer points you can pray with during the days of the fast.

God bless you! Your testimony is next.


Day 1:
Prayer for Renewal of Spirit.

1. Thank God for His gift of life and preservation over you and your family.
Psalm 150:1

2. Thank God for His good and precious promises (word) to us this year.
Psalm 56:4

3. Thank God for what He has already done, what He is doing and what He will do this year. Phil. 1:6

4. Ask for the grace to lay aside every weight and sin that will hinder you from entering God’s fullness for your life this year. Heb. 12:1

5. Ask for more of Jesus and less of you this year. John. 3:30

6. Ask God to break you and mould you, let the flesh die that your spirit may gain elevation. 1 Cor. 15:31

7. Receive the grace for spiritual sensitivity; to be led by the spirit of God daily and not by flesh or human opinion. Luke 4:1

8. Thank God for answered prayers for Day 1 and receive strength for the coming days. Psalm. 103:1

All prayers are in Jesus’ name


Day 2
Grace for completion: Phil 1:6, Psalm 138:8

1. Thank God for the breakthroughs you have witnessed in every area of your life this year.

2. Pray that these shall be the days of the manifestation of God’s glory and favor in your life.

3. Pray for wisdom to deal wisely in every affair of your life. Pray for God to send you people that will favor you.

4. Pray and receive the grace of completion. Pray against every laziness and hindrance to completing every project for this year.

5. Ask the Lord to perfect all that concerns you, your family, and your ministry this year.

6. Pray for Divine creativity in your work and business. Receive Divine ideas that will revolutionize what you do.

7. Declare that the works of your hands shall bring you out of obscurity and put you before kings.

8. Personal prayer requests.

Day 3

Prayer for fruitfulness: Psalm 128:3; Psalm 92:12-14

1) Thank you Lord for your word that guarantees my fruitfulness Gen. 1:28.

2) Dear Lord, help us to preserve the fruits we have gathered so far. John 15:16, John 17:12.

3) Declare: Father restore every lost opportunity to me, that I may bear fruits in the remaining months of this year.

4) Father, if there is anything in me that has hindered my fruitfulness hitherto, by your mercy take it away. John 15:2.

5) We refuse to end this year empty of fruits, we receive speed & strength to cover much ground. Psalm 65:11

6) Declare fruitfulness in your finances, family, health, and all spheres of your life.

7) Thank you Lord for fruitfulness in all areas of our lives. Psalm 115:14

Father, Give the LA family abundant fruits that we will remember this year for Psalm 2:8

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