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Are you on Twitter? Join us for #LAQuiz

#LAQuiz is a fun forum where we test our knowledge of what we have retained from the daily readings. It currently takes place every Friday, 9pm West African Time. The quiz is coordinated by our #LAQuiz team via @theLAFamily. Hear what our regular participants have to say about it.

I participate because of the fact that I can have fun in studying and sharing the Word of God! Plus y’all make me laugh deeply @vault_baby

#LAQuiz tests my focus. And draws my attention to salient points I might have missed while doing @thelafamily reading. @IkeAmadi

It’s educating, fun, challenging, and therapeutic for me. Sharing the Word never gets old. It helps one read the Bible.@ChidimmaIdika

It is an interesting way to study God’s word and have fun while at it. It has really helped me instil discipline into the daily readings. Great initiative!@suruaboaba

Rules for #LAQuiz
#LAQuiz Rule No 1. The fastest tweep to tweet the correct answers to each question & gets the maximum points will be crowned the Champion.
Though all correct answers will be retweeted and full points given, we will favorite the very 1st correct answer to each question.

#LAQuiz Rule No 2. Answers to some questions MUST be in your own words & understanding. Simply indicate the verse that backs your answer.
Freely make reference to your NKJV bibles, laptops and smart devices to confirm your answers cos the #LAQuiz is an open-book quiz!

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