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JULY – Reaping the Fruits of Consecration

Welcome to July!

Our theme for July is Reaping the Fruits of Consecration (Colossians 1:10).

Colossians 1:10 – “that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God;”

Having been sanctified (purified from sin) by the power of the Holy Spirit, it is necessary to submit our whole spirit, soul, and body to do the will of the Father in obedience to the principles of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Consecration simply means dedicating our whole life – time, talents, treasures – to fully pleasing God.
The result of consecration is service. And when we consecrate our lives to God’s service, God causes us to bear fruits.

This month of July, we believe that as we spend more time with the Word, God will enable us to consecrate our lives to his service in Jesus name.

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Please see also declarations below tagged, #MyConsecration, and tweet them often to remind yourself of your consecration to the Lord.

Wed July 1 Ps. 116, 1 John 3  Psalm 116:12
Thu July 2 Ps. 117, 1 John 4  Psalm 117:1
Fri July 3 Ps. 118,  1 John 5  Psalm 118:8
Sat July 4 Ps. 119,  2 John  Psalm 119:89
Sun July 5 Ps. 120,  3 John  Psalm 120:1
Mon July 6 Ps. 121,   Jude  Psalm 121:8
Tue July 7 Ps. 122,  Revelation 1 Psalm 122:1
Wed July 8 Ps. 123,  Revelation 2 Psalm 123:1
Thr July 9 Ps. 124,  Revelation 3 Psalm 124:8
Fri July 10 Ps. 125,  Revelation 4  Psalm 125:1
Sat July 11 Ps. 126,   Revelation 5  Psalm 126:2
Sun July 12 Ps. 127,  Revelation 6 Psalm  127:1
Mon July 13 Ps. 128,  Revelation 7 Psalm  128:3
Tue July 14 Ps. 129,  Revelation 8 Psalm  129:4
Wed July 15 Ps. 130,  Revelation 9  Psalm  130:3
Thr July 16 Ps. 131,  Revelation 10 Psalm  131:2
Fri July 17 Ps. 132,  Revelation 11 Psalm  132:12
Sat July 18 Ps. 133,  Revelation 12 Psalm  133:1
Sun July 19 Ps. 134,  Revelation 13  Psalm  134:3
Mon July 20 Ps. 135,  Revelation 14 Psalm  135:6
Tue July 21 Ps. 136,  Revelation 15 Psalm  136:4
Wed July 22 Ps. 137,  Revelation 16  Psalm  137:8
Thu July 23 Ps. 138, Revelation 17 Psalm  138:6
Fri July 24 Ps. 139,  Revelation 18 Psalm  139:16
Sat July 25 Ps. 140,  Revelation 19 Psalm  140:7
Sun July 26 Ps. 141,  Revelation 20 Psalm  141:3
Mon July 27 Ps. 142,  Revelation 21 Psalm  142:2
Tue July 28 Ps. 143,  Revelation 22 Psalm  143:10
Wed July 29 Ps. 144  Psalm  144:3
Thu July 30 Ps. 145 Psalm  145:8
Fri July 31 Ps. 146 Psalm  146:5

DECLARATIONS for JULY: Reaping the Fruits of Consecration
1. I consecrate my life to glorify my Father by obeying the principles of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Click to tweet this!
2. My treasures are not my own, but belong to my heavenly Father. I shall use them as directed by the wisdom of God. (Click to tweet)
3. I shall not cease to cry to God and implore Him to deliver mankind from the effects of sin. (Click to tweet)
4. I shall live my life in meekness. I shall bless all and do good to enemies in return for evil. (Click to tweet)
5. I shall not let myself be bribed or coerced into any unrighteous action for earthly consideration. (Click to Tweet)
6. By God’s grace I will always be merciful, forgiving those who have transgressed against me. Click to tweet
7. I shall regard my procreative organs sacred and holy and never use them for any purpose other than what God created them for. Click to Tweet
8. I shall be careful not to cause the opposite sex undue pain by playing on their affections. (Click to Tweet)
9. I will always strive to be a peacemaker. First, by being peaceful myself and avoiding all unfruitful contentions. (Click to Tweet)
10. I shall not become discouraged when I am persecuted on account of the righteousness. (Click to Tweet)

Family Declaration:
1. We LA family shall flourish like a palm tree, we shall grow like cedars in Lebanon.
2. We who are planted in the house of the Lord shall continue to flourish in the courts of our God.
3. We shall still bear fruits in old age. We shall be fresh and flourishing (Psalm 92:12-14).

These declarations are adapted from the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:4- 12)

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