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My Role As A Team Member

Thank you for signing up to Learn and Apply the Word of God with us in 2017. We are growing daily and we don’t want to lose anyone hence established TEAMS as a support network for those currently signed up for the current reading program.

As a team member, we would love you to encourage other members of your team by:

1. Making effort to SHARE EVERYDAY.
Try to visit Twitter at least once daily and share or RT what others have shared on the #LAAccess program.

2. Tagging team members to your #LAAccess shares from the DAILY reading. See daily reading here.

We have access to God by faith Heb 11:6 @teammbr1 @teammbr3 #LAAccess

3. Gently nudging other team members to not forget the day’s reading.

4. Generally befriending your fellow team member.

DM fellow team members often to check on them, especially if they’ve not shared in a while.

Each team will have a contact person (usually the first member of team) who will assist in letting other team members know any new and exciting info or team task.

TEAM TASK: Each team has a day they are expected to share their lessons with LA family. We encourage you to share everyday, but especially on the day you are scheduled to share. Please see for Team Sharing Time Table.

Let the sharing begin!

Please see daily reading on

God bless you

P.s. Not signed up for teams yet, please click here to sign up and join the exciting times.

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