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Year 2016 – The Wisdom Led Life


Year 2016 is our year of the Wisdom Led Life.

We are told that, Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom (Proverbs 4:7). Therefore, Join us this 2016 as we experience and enjoy the beauty of the wisdom led life.

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See below for our reading program for the year.

 Month Theme Reading 1 Reading 2
 January Foundation and Benefits of Wisdom  Genesis  Proverbs
 February Wisdom for Marriage  Genesis, Exodus 10  Eccl, Songs of Solomon, Matthew
 March The Tabernacle of Moses  Exodus 11- Exodus 40  Matthew, Mark
 April  Wisdom for Relationships Joshua, Ruth  Mark, Luke, John
 May  Accessing Wisdom from God’s word 1 Samuel  John, Acts
 June  A Life of Faith 2 Samuel 1,  1 Kings  Acts, Romans
 July  Divine Wisdom for Salvation  1 Kings, 2 Kings  Romans,. 1 Cor., 2 Cor.
 August  Wisdom for Singles 2 Kings, Esther, Job  Galatians – 1 Timothy
 September  Effectual Prayer Job  1 Timothy – 1 Peter
 October  Walking in Purpose   Job, Jeremiah  1 Peter- Rev 16
 November  Wisdom for Finances  Jeremiah  Rev  & Luke
 December  Christ our Wisdom  Matthew  Proverbs 1- 31

Please click on the month to see the full program for that month.