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LA Family Apparel

Frello Fresh Family!

A lot of family members have expressed interest regarding apparel. We do not sell any at the moment.

Please contact the following people for inquiries about LA Family Apparel:

Lagos: Oba – +2348066467248

Abuja: Dara – +2348034159966

Russia: David – +79680366732 (WhatsApp), +79857488170

If you don’t live in any of the locations listed above but would still like to rep your fresh family, please download the image graphic, you can give it to a local printer near you.

Download [amfd link=”” title=”Download png”].PNG[/amfd]

Download [amfd link=”” title=”Download psd”].PSD[/amfd]

There are various options available – T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts. Get Creative!

Please see sample designs below.

Shirts (Samples) (3)Shirts (Samples) (2)


Fresh Family (100)Shirts (Samples) (1)