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The LA Family

Join us learn and apply the Word of God this September.

Our Year Of Rich Fulfillment

Welcome to LA family’s month of Renewing Your Mind: A Mind of Abundance.

Please find below the program for the month, and feel free to share your lessons or favorite verses from the day’s reading on social media via #LAPlenty.

Sun Sept 1  Job 20 Job 20:5
Mon Sept 2 Job 21 Job 21:22
 Tue Sept 3 Job 22 Job 22:28
 Wed Sept 4 Job 23 Job 23:10
 Thu Sept 5 Job 24 Job 24:1
Fri Sept 6 Job 25 Job 25:2
 Sat Sept 7 Job 26 Job 26:7
 Sun Sept 8 Job 27 Job 27:4
 Mon Sept 9 Job 28 Job 28:28
Tue   Sept 10 Job 29 Job 29:11
Wed Sept 11 Job 30: Job 30:25
Thu  Sept 12 Job 31 Job 31:4
 Fri  Sept 13 Job 32 Job 32:8
 Sat Sept 14 Job 33 Job 33:14
 Sun Sept 15 Job 34 Job 34:12
 Mon Sept 16 Job 35 Job 35;13
Tue  Sept 17 Job 36 Job 36:11
Wed  Sept 18 Job 37 Job 37:14
 Thu Sept 19 Job 38 Job 38:36
 Fri Sept 20 Job 39 Job 39:3
Sat  Sept 21 Job 40 Job 40:9
 Sun Sept 22 Job 41 Job 41:11
 Mon Sept 23 Job 42 Job 42:10
 Tue Sept 24  Isaiah 1 Isaiah 1:17
Wed  Sept 25 Isaiah 2 Isaiah 2:5
 Thu Sept 26 Isaiah 3 Isaiah 3:10
 Fri Sept 27 Isaiah 4 Isaiah 4:2
Sat  Sept 28 Isaiah 5 Isaiah 5:4
 Sun Sept 29 Isaiah 6 Isaiah 6:3
 Mon Sept 30 Isaiah 7 Isaiah 7:14

Declarations for September

1. I decree that my sensitivity is at its best in this season – to know and act aright.2. Every crooked way before me is made straight, and all uncleared paths are evacuated for my sake.

3.  My coast in enlarged and my capacity is increased as I press forward in the path of purpose

4. I am lifted from my very lowly state, and I command sudden promotion in places where I’ve been relegated before now.

5. As I pursue purpose, my destiny ambition is tied with God’s will for me and nothing shall cause me to stumble on this path.

6. I will not chase after a thing at the expense of my walk with Jesus, and every hidden and dormant potential within me is activated instantly.

7. I enjoy God’s unusual faithfulness in my endeavors this very month, and I record double profit in the place of previous loss.

8. I am purpose driven for the kingdom, and I become a vessel that can be entrusted with greater kingdom task to the glory of God alone.

Every 3rd Sunday of every other month, LA Family meets in different locations all over the world to encourage one another as we journey through the Word. We hope you will make it to our next LA Meet Up.

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