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Preparing to Possess 2017

Day 1: Thanksgiving, sanctification of heart, and consecration. 

* Father, we bless you for every goodness we have received this year, and we exalt you for your never-ending mercies.

* Father, we thank you for the mysteries you have revealed about yourself to us in this very year, and we’re grateful for how far you have brought us.

* God, we are grateful for protection, provision, and direction upon us and everything in our territory.

* Father, we exalt you for the contacts you’ve helped us to build, and for the better years you have given us assurance of.

* Father, I commit myself into a more intimate walk with you in this coming year, that I shall seek you more than I did in this year.

* Father, I declare that my time, resources, finances and all that I am is given to the support of the gospel’s propagation.

* My heart is renewed as a new wineskin to express the manifestation of the spirit of God within me as the new wine.

* My heart synchronises with the will of God per time, and my spirit is sensitive to his agenda even in this season and beyond. 
Day 2 Hunger for and understanding of the. word. 

* Father, in this year my spirit comes to terms with the truth of your word even if it seems inconvenient.

* God, help me to unlearn any thing that has been toxic to my spiritual growth.

* Father, help me to be aligned with your word in and for each season in my life, and that I may act accordingly.

* Father, surround me with experiences that will increase my thirst for your word and for the truth of Your personality.

* God, direct my heart to the things of your kingdom, and never make me feel comfortable outside of your will.

* Father, wherever you lead me there will I go, and I will not murmur on each instruction you shall bring upon my spirit man from the scripture in this season and beyond.
Day 3 Commitment and dedication to the word of God in 2017.

* Father, I bring into your hands my spiritual growth in this coming year and I know I can’t falter because you are involved.

* God, I dedicate more of my time in seriousness with your word in this new season.

* God, help me to stay on course with every word and instruction I’ve received from you both consciously and unconsciously