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LA Wisdom Fast Prayer Points

God bless you for joining us in this 3-day Fasting and Prayer for Wisdom in 2016. Please see our LA Family Fasting Guidelines here.

Also, please commit for fast by signing up here, so we can genuinely make effort to follow up on you.

Below are suggested prayer points for the 3 days fasting program.

LA Family Wisdom Fast

Day 1 – Thanksgiving and Mercy
1. I praise You Lord for You are the only wise God. 1 Tim 1:12; Rom 16:17
2. I praise You Lord for your incomprehensible and all-encompassing wisdom. Rom. 11:33
3. Thank You Father for Christ that has become wisdom for me. 1 Cor. 1:30
4. I repent for the times when I acted foolishly and didn’t follow your ways. Luke 15:18
5. Lord, be my teacher; may the last foolish step I took be the last forever. Jer. 6:16; Matt 11:28
6. From henceforth, the fruits of wisdom will be evident in my life. Luke 7:35.
7. I dispel every spirit of confusion, misdirection, double-mindedness, and doubt. It is not my portion In Jesus Name Isaiah 5:7, 1 Tim 1:7

LA Wisdom Fast Day 2

1. Father, thank you for your priceless wisdom.
2. Lord, fill me with the knowledge of your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. Col. 1:9
3. Father, in the coming year, develop in me the right spiritual virtues in Jesus name. 2 Pet. 1:6-7
4. I receive the wisdom for soul winning in the name of Jesus. Prov. 11:30
5. By wisdom, I shall build my home; I will not tear it down. Prov. 14:1.
6. May I be divinely guided in bringing up my children. Prov. 23:13, Isa. 54:13
7. I shall never fall into the pit of immorality; I receive the wisdom for purity. Prov. 7

LA Wisdom Fast Day 3

Day 3 – Wisdom for Life and Business/Career
1. We praise you Lord for in you is hid the treasures of wisdom and knowledge Col. 2:3.
2. Father, show me how to live life to the fullest and not die with regrets. Psalm 90:11 NLT.
3. I receive the discipline to live a healthy life. Prov. 25:16 ASV
4. As God built the heavens and earth by wisdom, my life shall be built by wisdom. Prov. 3:19.
5. May the wisdom of God reflect in all I do. Prov. 4:8
6. I shall not fall for get-rich-quick schemes or any such wrong business ventures. Prov. 13:11; 28:19-20. 7. I reject slackness, laziness and slothfulness; as I am diligent, my elevation is coming soon. Eccl 10:18; Prov. 22:29.
Thank you Lord for answered prayers. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.