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Brief History of LA Family

Our Mission:

To encourage one more person to love God’s word.


Our vision:

To create a loving and supportive environment that makes the study and application of God’s word very simple. To demonstrate the power of fellowship beyond four-walls.


#65me – Ike Amadi wanted to read the bible, but wanted company. He and Mercy Ajifola designed a reading plan for the New Testament, which meant reading 4 chapters daily (in 65 days), and sharing what they learned on social media; Ike shared lessons on his blog. A lot of other friends joined in the program. It was exciting.



10th – #LA187 – Encouraged by the testimonies and support from people around the world and with the help of Elizabeth Ekakoro, the Learn and Apply principle was birthed. The next reading plan became reading 4 chapters of the Old Testament, and a chapter of Psalm daily, which covered 187 days (LA187).

Continued to share via twitter and launched own website to blog lessons shared by those reading.

Introduced LAQuiz, an interactive, fun way, of refreshing the minds of @TheLAfamily members on our daily readings. It is also inclusive for other participants who care to join in.



Launched The LA Family (30+ members from across Africa, UK and Europe) and The LA Family North America (20+ members) Whatsapp Groups.



#LA130 – On Nigeria’s Independence day began to read the New Testament again. This time 2 chapters daily.


Whatsapp Family groups rose to 5 groups averaging 30+ members per group


Launched LATeams – small support groups for readers to encourage each other on Twitter.  



Launched writing ministry with #LADevotionals with 8 writers.

2014 – year of Leadership

January – December

#LABS – The Learn and Apply Book Series

A reading plan of one chapter per day with a focus on leadership The books read were Genesis, Acts, 1 and 2 Corinthians, Daniel, Proverbs, Psalms, 1 and 2 Kings, Isaiah, John, and Nehemiah.



Welcomed the New Year with an offline gathering in Abuja. This is now a regular bi-monthly event with meetings held in Abuja and Lagos, Port Harcourt, Moscow, Kiev, and OAU.



Launched The LA Family Newsletter, monthly updates.



#Project1515 – 3-days for 15 people to spend 15 minutes in prayer for their country.  (Approx. 25 people signed up)



Launched MeetnGreet – an opportunity for LA Family administration to touch base with members – new and existing. To share our vision and discuss future plans.


2015 – This year is our year of Abundant Fruitfulness (Mark 4:8).


#LA65 – reading the New Testament 4 chapters daily.



#LAFruits – reading one chapter of the New Testament and a Psalm per day.



#LACourse – 4-week online development course on Leadership. 18 participants completed the programme.


June onwards: Our goal is to get more people to read the word of God daily and share what they read. So we are devising more ways of achieving that goal. 


Launched Family Time – 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. 

2nd Sunday to share the benefits of reading and meditating on God’s word

4th Sunday to share and discuss the theme of the month. 


August 28:30: #Project1515. Prayer and Fasting. 15 persons praying for 15 minutes. A prayer revival.


Dec 29-31: 3 Days Fasting and Prayer into the New Year, 2016.