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The LA Family

‘Do Something’ (Amos 6) by @ikeamadi #LAFruits Devotional

Reading: Amos 6, Psalm 20
@thelafamily August 24


Do Something!

TEXT: “Woe to them that are at ease in Zion.” Amos 6:1

We are all surrounded by needs and we must never be silent whenever we see a need. God blesses us with material wealth not just for ourselves but so we can be able to meet the needs of those around us. Therefore let us not look away when a brother or sister in our midst expresses a genuine need.

Amos rebuked the Israelites who were at ease in Zion (Amos6:1), and were not grieved for the affliction of Joseph (Amos 6:6). God was not happy with them and threatened to afflict them if they continued in their state of ease (Amos 6:11- 14). We earn God’s rebuke when we spend all He has entrusted us with on ourselves, and our pleasures, – securing for ourselves a comfortable earthly home.

God expects us to look out for the needs of our brethren and how we can add value to His kingdom on earth. And in doing so, we secure for ourselves eternal treasures that do not perish (Matthew 6:20).

LEARN And APPLY: Is there a need God is laying in your heart to meet? Go ahead and meet the need. In doing so, you will store up for yourself eternal treasures that cannot perish.

Pray: Father, give me a tender heart that is grieved for the afflictions of my brethren. Provide for me, and empower me to meet their needs in Jesus name.

Written by Ike Amadi (@ikeamadi) of @thelafamily