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The LA Family

Join us learn and apply the Word of God this May.


Welcome to LA family’s month of learning how to access wisdom from God’s word.

Join us this May Learn and apply the word of God.

Also, please click here to see the recommended reading for this month.

Please find below the program for the month, and feel free to share your lessons or favorite verses from the day’s reading on social media via #LAWisdom.

 Tue May 1  Psalm 121 Psalm 121:3
 Wed May 2 Psalm 122 Psalm 122:1
 Thu May 3 Psalm 123 Psalm 123:1
 Fri May 4  Psalm 124 Psalm 124:8
 Sat May 5  Psalm 125 Psalm 125:4
 Sun May 6  Psalm 126 Psalm 126:3
 Mon May 7  Psalm 127 Psalm 127:4
 Tue May 8  Psalm 128 Psalm 128:3
 Wed May 9 Psalm 129 Psalm 129:4
 Thu May 10  Psalm 130 Psalm 130:4
 Fri May 11  Psalm 131 Psalm 131:3
 Sat May 12  Psalm 132 Psalm 132:18
 Sun May 13  Psalm 133 Psalm 133:1
 Mon May 14  Psalm 134 Psalm 134:3
 Tue May 15  Psalm 135 Psalm 135:21
 Wed May 16  Psalm 136 Psalm 136:3
 Thu May 17  Psalm 137 Psalm 137:4
 Fri May 18  Psalm 138 Psalm 138:3
 Sat May 19  Psalm 139 Psalm 139:13
 Sun May 20 Psalm 140 Psalm 140:13
 Mon May 21  Psalm 141 Psalm 141:3
 Tue May 22  Psalm 142 Psalm 142:2
 Wed May 23  Psalm 143 Psalm 143:10
 Thu May 24  Psalm 144 Psalm 144:15
 Fri May 25  Psalm 145 Psalm 145:4
 Sat May 26  Psalm 146 Psalm 146:3
 Sun May 27  Psalm 147 Psalm 147:13
 Mon May 28  Psalm 148 Psalm 148:6
 Tue May 29  Psalm 149 Psalm 149:6
 Wed May 30  Psalm 150 Psalm 150:6
 Thu May 31

Declarations for May

1. This month, the revelation of God’s Word becomes wisdom in me to regulate all my dealings.

2. The mysteries in the Scripture are opened to my spirit, and I excel beyond human measure.

3. All hidden, dormant, and silenced glory within me is given life in fullness according to the wisdom of God’s Word in me.

4. No limitation can hold me back, and I break every existing frontier because I have God’s revelation of the I AM working in me.

5. There’s an evidence of God’s undiminishing glory in me, and it has transformed into power giving me breakthrough and deliverance from all yokes.

6. My glory is one that can’t be hidden, because the life of God is present in me as a result of His accumulated word in my spirit.

7. I am wiser than every negative situation/circumstance, and every decision of mine is regulated by the wisdom of God’s eternal Word.

8. The wisdom of God’s Word has revealed my true state, and has aligned me in the right places and with the right people.

Every 3rd Sunday of every other month, LA Family meets in different locations all over the world to encourage one another as we journey through the Word. We hope you will make it to our next LA Meet Up.

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