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The LA Family


Join us learn and apply the Word of God this January.

Jesus the Perfect Savior.

Welcome to LA family’s month of Accessing and Abiding in the Presence of God.

Please find below the program for the month, and feel free to share your lessons or favorite verses from the day’s reading on social media via #LAAccess.

Tues Jan 1  Mark 1  Mark 1
Wed Jan 2  Mark 2  Mark 2
Thu Jan 3  Mark 3  Mark
Fri Jan 4  Mark 4  Mark
Sat Jan 5  Mark 5  Mark
Sun Jan 6  Mark 6  Mark
Mon Jan 7  Mark 7  Mark
Tue Jan 8  Mark 8  Mark
Wed Jan 9  Mark 9  Mark
Thu Jan 10  Mark 10  Mark
Fri Jan 11  Mark 11  Mark
Sat Jan 12  Mark 12  Mark
Sun Jan 13  Mark 13  Mark
Mon Jan 14  Mark 14  Mark
Tue Jan 15  Mark 15  Mark
Wed Jan 16  Mark 16  Mark
Thu Jan 17 Luke 1 Luke
Fri Jan 18  Luke 2 Luke
Sat Jan 19  Luke 3 Luke
Sun Jan 20  Luke 4 Luke
Mon Jan 21 Luke 5 Luke
Tue Jan 22  Luke 6 Luke
Wed Jan 23  Luke 7  Luke
Thu Jan 24  Luke 8  Luke
Fri Jan 25  Luke 9  Luke
Sat Jan 26  Luke 10  Luke
Sun Jan 27  Luke 11  Luke
Mon Jan 28  Luke 12  Luke
Tue Jan 29  Luke 13  Luke
Wed Jan 30  Luke 14  Luke
Thu Jan 31  Luke 15  Luke

Declarations for January

1. This month, I declare that the salvation of God has brought me to rest round-about me.

2. I declare that I operate in incomparable wisdom that sets free from bondage.


Every 3rd Sunday of every other month, LA Family meets in different locations all over the world to encourage one another as we journey through the Word. We hope you will make it to our next LA Meet Up.

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God bless you!