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You can’t have two fathers

You cannot have the two natures at the same time. If you did, you would belong to two families at the same time. God would be your Father, and Satan would be your father. When you died, you would have to go to both heaven and hell. The part of man that is recreated is his spirit. His intellect is renewed. His body is healed-if sick. I want you to see clearly that this New Creation created in Christ Jesus, who has become a partaker of the Divine Nature, has passed out of Satanic dominion into the dominion of Jesus Christ.

God takes the sinner as he is. No matter how deep in sin he has gone the New Birth will straighten him out. God takes him as he is-full of sin, rebellion, Satanic nature-and imparts to him His nature. His nature drives out that foul, unclean nature of Satan and makes him a New Creation. All the sins of that Old Creation are remitted instantaneously. The man stands before the Father as though sin had never been. “Him who knew no sin God made to be sin on our behalf; that we might become the righteousness of God in him” (2 Cor. 5:21).

The New Creation is receiving the nature and life of God. It makes man God’s son, makes man one with Christ and one with the Father.
Righteousness is the ability to stand in the presence of the Father without a feeling of guilt or inferiority. This new kind of Righteousness is the revelation of a new kind of Fellowship based upon legal grounds. It is the revelation of a new kind of love. It is the revelation of a New Covenant instituted with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He became the High Priest, and we became the priests of this New Covenant. It is the Covenant that binds the believer to Christ, and Christ to the Believer-Jesus himself being the security. It is the advent of a new wisdom. Christ was made unto us wisdom. It is the wisdom that cometh down from above.


Dear Lord, thank you for this righteousness that you have bestowed upon me. Help me to understand it fully and walk in the victory you have won for me, in Jesus name.

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