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‘Wisdom to Propose With Integrity’ (Matthew 5) by @YinkaAkinwale

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wisdom for marriage

Reading: Exodus 5, Matthew 4

Wisdom To Propose With Integrity

TEXT: “Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil.” Matthew 5:37 (ESV)


So you want to propose? Let your proposal reflect the character of God – the character of integrity. Sort out conflicting feelings before you approach her. Rehearse, if you must, and let a spirit of excellence pulsate through you.

Subtle manipulation does not please God. He is not pleased by diplomatic equivocation, or by calculated dilly-dallying. Keep it simple, and let it be clear to all that your trust is in the God to whom you have entrusted your affairs.

God rewards honesty and integrity. An honest individual reflects the good that is God, and no evil is found in Him. God always promotes such people and gives them bigger platforms to showcase His character.

 Pray: Dear Father, please create in me a clean heart. Wash off every manipulative tendency, and turn the rigid vestiges of flesh into living expressions of faith. Let my ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and my ‘no’ be ‘no’, in Jesus’ name. Amen

 Written by Yinka Akinwale (@yinkaakinwale) for @thelafamily

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