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THE MERCY OF GOD by Dr. Paul Enenche

May Blessing Sunday with Dr Paul Enenche


By: Dr. Paul Enenche

Just like the help of God, the mercy of God is a major asset of the child of God; the mercy of God is actually a lifeline for the child of God.

1. The Mercy of God prevents us from being consumed by the adverse forces of life (Lam. 3:22-23)
The Mercy of God is the reason why you cannot be finished, swallowed or eaten up!
If you are associated with the Mercy of God, you don’t fear for your life or your future.
If it wasn’t for the mercy of God, we would have been finished since by diverse circumstances, situations and issues.

2. The Mercy of God shields us from the anger of our enemies (Ps. 136:24; 18:3)
The reason why what the enemy planned cannot happen is the mercy of God

3. The Mercy of God rescues us from misery and affliction in life (Mark 10:47-48)
It is His mercy that pulls you out of poverty and penury

4. The Mercy of God releases direction for our lives (Ps. 136:16).
The Mercy of God causes God not to leave us to ourselves because if we were left to ourselves, we would mess up.
Divine direction will come as a product of Divine mercy.
God in mercy will not leave you to marry the wrong spouse or follow the wrong path if you subscribe to that mercy.
In His mercy, He will pull us from wrong steps and wrong moves

5. The Mercy of God unleashes the judgment of God on the enemies of God’s people (Ps. 136:17-22)
The mercy of God on one equals the judgment of God on another

6. The Mercy of God causes God to remember His people in their low estate (Ps. 136:23)
In times of recession, depression and lockdown, God remembers us
He remembers us when things are low and slow; He remembers us when there is a need to pull us up.
It is exciting to know that God has not forgotten us and will not forget us.

7. The Mercy of God shields us from the consequences of wrong actions and errors (John 8:1-11)
The Mercy of God does not mean taking God for granted or living in sin.
When you take the mercy of God for granted, you end up in a mess.
In case the situation of the world today has been brought about by the rebellion of the earth, then the mercy of God can shield our generational wrong actions if we apply for it.

1. Everyone who is under the mercy of God is never at the mercy of anyone or anything under Heaven
If you are connected to His mercy you are preserved

2. The compassion of God which compels His actions, never fails!
His compassion has the backing of His resources, His wisdom and His power, so it has no capacity to fail

3. The compassion of God never expires
God does not love you less today than yesterday
He can’t love you yesterday and hate you today

4. The faithfulness (reliability) of God is immeasurable
God is reliable, dependable and trustworthy and that trustworthiness is immeasurable

1. Thanking Him for His mercies (John 6:11-12; Ps. 106:1; 118:1-3)
Appreciation brings multiplication; anything you thank God for multiplies.
Thank God for any mercy you have seen and you will multiply mercy in your life

2. Asking God for His mercies (Mark 10:47-48)
Let it be a regular part of your prayer schedule

3. Showing mercy to others (Ps. 18:25; 2Sam. 22:26)
You will never be able to see mercy from God if you don’t know what it is to show it to others

4. Taking pleasure in Zion (Ps. 102:13-14; Luke 7:2-6)
This also means favouring the cause of God; involvement in Kingdom expansion and enlargement – evangelism, soul-winning, in-House service, investment of resources in Kingdom expansion etc.

Thank You Lord for Your Word to us today. Blessed be Your holy Name, in Jesus’ Name.

Lord, I want to appreciate You for Your mercy, for the gift of life, for the privilege of knowing You and connection to You. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Lord, open me up to mercy for others. Help me to be merciful, show me people in need of mercy and connect me with them; help me to be as merciful as You in my generation, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, put a fresh love and passion in my heart for Your Kingdom, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I apply for mercy for my life, my spouse, my children, my siblings, and my loved ones. I apply for mercy today, oh Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, we apply for mercy for the Church worldwide; mercy on Your Body, upon the church of Jesus globally and upon the local Church. Have mercy Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, we apply for mercy on our Nation Lord and mercy on our generation. Bring the affliction and the suffering in the world to an end by Your mercy, in Jesus’ Name. In Your wrath, remember mercy, oh Lord, in Jesus’ Name!

Father, in Your mercy, bring immediate solution to the frustration and affliction in the earth now, in Jesus’ Name. Let the mystery behind the coronavirus affliction be demystified, until it is cheap to handle. We receive solution and answers, in Jesus’ Name!

Culled from Dunamis Gospel International Centre facebook page.

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