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The Believer’s Security & Victory Over Temptation

By Pastor Simon Oyedokun

Without the hand, the pen is useless. Without God, we are nothing. When the Holy Spirit is involved, He speaks to everyone according to our needs.

Pray: Thank you for speaking to me. Give me grace to receive your word. The end is near, prepare me O Lord, Make me ready for your kingdom. Speak your word to me this morning.

James 5:12-15. Be prepared because temptation will come your way.

It is the devil’s method to draw you away from God. The devil wants to steal your joy of salvation.

You will be blessed if you endured temptation. God will not tempt you, he can test you to know whether you love Him.

Our eyes may appreciate good things, but if you don’t look away, and accidentally touch and allow it to mature in you, it gives birth to sin.

Temptation is the advice or suggestion of the devil contrary to the will of God.

But if that advice contradicts the word of God, you know it’s from the devil. Col 3:-
; 1 Cor. 9:27.

Talk to your flesh. Flesh, I have a heaven to make. Jesus is my Lord.

I. Portrait & Goals of Satan’s Temptation.

Temptation is not sin.

Heb 4.

The first temptation in the Bible. Gen 3:1-7.

The devil is the most deceptive being on earth. Don’t use the eyes God gave you for good to look at evil. “Since we are going to marry, why not lets test ourselves.” many have fallen that way.

The example of Jesus. Mt. 4:1-3

Your level of Christian experience will not stop the devil from tempting you.

That thing you are desperately looking for may become a temptation for you.

T – Tease
E – Entice to enslave
M – Manipulate, to rule over you.
P – Pull to paralyze.
T – Trick. Trick as though he has concern for you.
A – Arrest in order to stop your progress
T – Tame
I – Initiate or influence you
O – Overthrow
N – Neutralize our faith.

Devil wants:

– To soil our testimony and break our relationship with God.
– For us to become enemies of God.
– To make us busy with non-essentials. Instead of making time to read the word of God, we are taken over by the thing that will not profit us.
– To destroy God’s plan in our lives
– To hinder effectiveness in our ministry
– To hinder answered prayer
– To expose us to satanic attack.

The Peril of Yielding to Temptation
Gen 3

When somebody sins he runs away from fellowship. The interest to pray and go to church will not be there. Sin makes a person to run away from the truth.

If heaven is important to yo, you will always want to be where you will hear the truth, where you will be chiseled and corrected so you can make heaven.

If I don’t see you in heaven, it means you were sinning in secret.
You will get to heaven!

It is perilous to go into sin.
Sin leads to shame and regret. If you want to go to heaven and you are covering your sin, you cannot go to heaven. Remember Samson. Run away from immorality.
Achan. Remember Achan and run away from sin.
Why did they stone Achan along with his family, because his family saw him burying the sin and did not confess.

3. Is it possible to escape temptation?

If is possible to have victory over temptation.

Matthew 4:4, 7, 10, 11.

When adultery invites you, declare, It is written, thou shalt not commit adultery’. That’s how Jesus overcame temptation.

Gen. 39:7. Your location is not an excuse for falling into temptation. Jer. 35:1.

Many pastors introduce sin to their congregation. But the Rechabites refused. No matter who introduces sin to you, you have to refuse.

1 Thess 5:22.

Method of Overcomers:

Abstain from all appearance of sin so that you will not be trapped.
Resist the tempter.
Refuse every sinful invitation.
Refrain yourself from tempting arena
Reject every suggestive idea or talk.
Remain in Christ.
Read the promises of God daily.
Rest upon God.

Don’t think you have arrived. “I cannot fall.” Don’t depend upon yourself. Be conscious of the imminent arrival of Jesus Christ.

Do I want to make heaven?
Look up. Jesus is coming soon. Don’t give room for the devil.

Holiness. Are you holy? Do you want to make heaven?

God bless you.

This message was preached at Deeper Life Retreat in Moscow, Russia.

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