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Every last week of August, LA Family gathers together to seek God’s face in fastng and prayer for the remaining four months of the year. We gather to receive strength to end well (SEW). 

Strength to end 2016 well

2016 Theme: Energized by his Spirit (Romans 8:11)

But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.

Romans 8:11 KJV

Date: August 29- 31

To sign up so we can follow up with you, please click here

You can fast till 12 noon, 3pm, or 6pm daily, or even go dry for the 3 days as the Lord enables you. Also feel free to pray along with the recommended prayer points below. 

God bless you and receive strength to end 2016 well! 

Day 1: Thanksgiving and Consecration 

** Father, I bless you for every level of blessing, opportunities, and upliftment I’ve received all through the year.

**God, I worship you for every level of encounter you’ve granted me in this season.

**Father, thanks for every undeserved grace I’ve enjoyed, and for the privileges brought to me under the cover of your love.

**Father, I bless you for never giving up on me even in my worst times and seasons when I didn’t live up to your expectation of me.

**God, I commit myself more unto you today and I rededicate myself in closer intimacy with you.

**God, I ask that as I seek you this season, I’ll be discerning to every of your response.
Day 2: End of the year

**Father, I ask that I shall not live short of your expectation for me in this season.

**Father, help me to be sensitive to the times and season, and the benefit that comes with it all.

**Father, grant me a heart that doesn’t tire nor slack in the pursuit of Your Person and kingdom agenda.

**God, help me to retrace my steps from every wrong path and align me with the right destinies for me.

**Father, make me whole from every form of infirmity and I break free from every form of yoke that my destiny is attached to.

**God, by your mercy and faithfulness, I and everyone connected to me will end this year well.
Day 3: LA Family

**Father, help us to fully apply all that you’re teaching us as a family in our daily living.

**God, whenever you seek for trusted vessels, you’ll find us usable and available for your plans and purpose.

**God, help every member of this family to love and trust you more and cause the gate of hell never to prevail on us.

**God, direct the leadership of this family, and let them lead us from the depth of your wisdom always.

**Father, engage our homes and activities with divine testimonies and exploits.