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My #LAFruits harvest from Psalm 77: Remember God!

David was in trouble and, like all wise men do, he remembered God (vv. 1-3). He did not just go to God with faith empty of evidence. He meditated in his heart on the wonders of the Lord (v. 6).

Then he asked questions. He asked if God was still God, if God had stopped being gracious (v. 9); if God was still merciful (. 8); thankfully, he found the answers to his questions and comforted himself with these words,

“I will remember the works of the Lord; I will also meditate on all your work” (vv. 11-12).

Believer, when in distress, do you remember God’s wondrous works of old in your life? Engage in this practice often and it will build your faith for victory.

God is God and will crown your year with goodness (Psalm 65:11), in Jesus name!

Learn and Apply: Whatever you go through, remember God!

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