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#LAIsaiah Devotional Day 20 by Olusola Oludayo (@sholape1)



‘To whom can God be compared? How can you describe what he is like?‘ Isaiah 40:18 (Goodnews)

In African culture, the king is highly revered. In fact, he is usually seen as the second in command to the native god. He wields so much power and his words are law. However, no matter how big and powerful is a regional king, his wealth, power and influence can still be compared to another king’s.

Not the case with our King! An earthly king has a council of elders but our King does not. (Isaiah40:13-14)

The scripture says he lays out the heaven like a curtain. Have you looked at the sky lately? The stars you gaze at are called by names! Can you count the sand on the seashore? This King’s influence extends even to inanimate things (Mark 4:39). Our King is the kingmaker (Isaiah 40:23).

Today, let’s take a moment to think about this incredible, amazing, invisible, immortal, incomparable King whose kingship is without end. He knows about our struggles and He cares (Isaiah 40:27).

He can turn those gloomy circumstances into amazing stories.
Maybe you don’t feel like it. Maybe the King has not done anything for you. Do not worship Him solely because of what He has done or will do for you, instead praise Him because of who He is. 

Prayer Focus
Faithful Father, thank You for being this great and my King. Today, I only want to give You incredible praise because You are incredible. Accept my sacrifice of worship in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

Written by Olusola Oludayo of @theLAfamily

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