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#LACorinthians Devotional Day 4 by Debbie Dyk (@dnddyon)

#LACorinthians Day 4 MV

Such Power We Have

We servants of Christ, sons and daughters of his kingdom, have been entrusted with God’s mysteries. We have been accorded the power of God to lead full Godly lives. We are not of them that give baseless speech, but of them that access the power in the word! We are called to sit on top of God’s world, showing forth His power in situations and challenges that come our way.

We are therefore required to be trustworthy, being faithful not to misuse the power that is at work in us. We are not to be arrogant and judgmental towards others because of this empowerment we have in God.
We are to rather humbly seek out the mysteries God has hidden in His word, and to lovingly share them with others, knowing fully well that God is constantly searching and meeting to the counsels of our heart.

Prayer Focus
Thank you dear Lord for the great power You have bestowed within us. May we learn to use it to glorify Your name, and to draw souls unto You, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Written by Debbie Dyk of @thelafamily

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