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#LA187: DAY 151 – Remain Faithful To God’s Word


Hello #LA187 Family of Excellence! It’s Day 151. To Him alone who has done this great wonder of bringing us thus far, For His mercy endures forever!

Quiz time 🙂

List Five Things about our God from Psalms 145.

Hint: Psalms 145.

Today, we read Psalms 145 and Jeremiah 37-40.

Psalms 145 is a Psalm of praise! Let’s take a cue from David and continually praise and bless the name of the Lord! He is worthy!

There were quite a number of Tweets on this Praise-FULL Psalm, we’ll share a few!

Verse 8: Today’s psalm gives an in-depth understanding of God’s character and nature. He is so SLOW to anger yet RICH in love. – @Ogetours

Verse 14: Are you bent beneath the load of life? The Lord will lift you up. – @IkeAmadi

Verse 15: Be expectant, not ambivalent. Look to God, not to man or self. – @Eloxie

In Jeremiah 37, we see that despite the unfavorable circumstances (Imprisonment), Jeremiah was still favored (His request not to return to the house of Jonathan the Scribe was granted, he was also fed a fresh piece of bread daily!). This bears a similarity to the case of Joseph who also found favor before the prison warden (Genesis 39:21).

Comforting lesson from Jeremiah 38, remain faithful to God and God will raise up help for you in times of distress! How did he remain faithful to God? He spoke the truth to King Zedekiah, he did not change God’s message to obtain mercy from the King.

On the same chapter, @DapoDan noted that King Zedekiah was fearful, did not have a mind of his own and lacked respect for the Word of God.

We should not be quick to judge King Zedekiah and distance ourselves from the matter, how many times have we heard from God and yet gone ahead to do our own thing?

Jerusalem finally fell in Jeremiah 39 and 40, after years of warning, all that Jeremiah prophesied came to pass. Also, the captors free Jeremiah as he found favor before Nebuchadnezzar. We receive encouragement from the story of Ebed-Melech, when we step in for God’s servants, God will step in for us.

Our memory verse for today was from Psalms 145:16

You open Your hand And satisfy the desire of every living thing.

Don’t just read it, personalize it!


DAY 151

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