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#LA187: DAY 124 – Stay In The Light


Hello Beloved #LA187 Family! It’s Day 124. Oh what a wonderful Day 124 it has been.

Quiz time 🙂

The Bridegroom praised the Bride with the following words: A fountain of ________________, A well of ____________________, And streams from ________________.

Hint: Songs of Solomon 4 from today’s reading.

Announcement time 🙂

#LA187PraiseDay was awesome. It must continue. We can only tryyyyyyyyy (emphasis on TRY) to capture some of the tweets. We stopped counting after 187 Tweets 😀

“The ancient of days, d same yesterday, today and forever #LA187PraiseDay” – @Laurryberry

“Father you cause my lamp to burn continually and turn my darkness to light! #LA187PraiseDay” – @Tab_Browne

“Be exalted above the heavens! Let Your glory be above all the earth! #LA187PraiseDay” – @Le_Maxx

“Some of us have only God as our helper. That’s why we praise him. #LA187PraiseDay” – @IkeAmadi

“The One who intercedes on our behalf #LA187PraiseDay” – @Jiokemad

“The One that fetches water in a basket to disgrace the bucket!The One that breaks coconut with egg to disgrace the stone!#LA187PraiseDay” – @Ogetours

“Jehovah you are the most high God #LA187PraiseDay” – @BNwani

“The One that stands in eternity. Time is nothing next to Him! He’s in the past bringing the present to the future! #LA187PraiseDay” – @Eloxie

“You are the Lord, Most High, You are the Lord. You created Heavens and the Earth, You are the Lord. #LA187PraiseDay” – @Kingdomturf

“I praise you for who you are, for what you have done and for what you are yet to do! #LA187PraiseDay” – @_ekaks

“Despite How Mighty, How Powerful He Is, He Loves His Children Dearly And Always Wants To Fellowship With Them. #LA187PraiseDay” – @Chi_Chidi

“Even when I don’t feel like it! He reminds me that He loves me still! #LA187PraiseDay” – @iRepEfeh

“The God that is immeasurable #LA187PraiseDay” – @Ohis101

“Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You. I will praise You as long as I live. #LA187Praiseday” – @Signetseal

“I will praise God’s name in song and glorify Him with thanksgiving – Psalm 69:30 #LA187PraiseDay” – @Ete_ubom


Today, we read Psalms 119: 126-150 and Song of Solomon 3-6.

Dami who was elected to be our guide through the awesome book of Song of Solomon is doing a great job!


Here are 5 #FRESH things we have learned thus far (Do you have your pens/SMARTer phones ready?):

  1. There is a time for Love. Wrong timing is one of the critical reasons behind faulty relationships.
  2. God’s time is that exact position in history when God by Himself observes that the individual who has been fulfilling purpose has now attained true singleness and wholeness and should no longer be alone.
  3. The eyes of Love see only good because when confronted with darkness or evil, its presence creates the good and causes light to emerge.
  4. Ladies don’t forget that physical beauty fades, but with the Spirit you remain flawless.
  5. #SPEAKLIFE to your spouse.

Our memory verse for today was from Psalm 119:130

The entrance of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple.

#LA187, Stay in the LIGHT!


DAY 124

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