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Hello Precious #LA Family! The Freshest family of God that keeps learning and applying the WORD.

It’s Day 8 of our #LA130 program. For more information, please see here.

Today’s Reading: Matthew 15 – 16.

For the daily readings, please see here.

#LA130Prayer from Matthew 15 and 16:

  1. Father, help me to desire the pure word of God, I shall not mix the word of God with the tradition of men. Matthew 15:1-9
  2. Dear Lord, cleanse me from within and deliver me from every defilement! Matthew 15:11
  3. Every planting of evil things, people, or circumstances which my heavenly father has not planted is rooted out in Jesus name! Matthew 15:13
  4. Lord, open my eyes to see light, so I can lead others well Matthew 15:14
  5. Father, show me deliberate steps I need to take to increase my faith, so that my will and desires can be endorsed in heaven!  Matthew 15:28
  6. From this very hour, I receive my wholeness in the name of Jesus. Matthew 15:28
  7. I will constantly be a doer of good works in the name of Jesus. Matthew 15:30-39
  8. Father, make me a person of quick understanding. My time spent with the master shall make a difference in my life. Matthew 16:1-11
  9. Father, give me a personal revelation of who you are. Matthew 16:16
  10. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church of God, even in our time. Matthew 16:18
  11.  I receive the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 16:19
  12. Lord, help me to make daily sacrifices in my pursuit of you. Matthew 16: 24
  13. My soul shall be saved in eternity; I will hear God say to me ‘well done’.

“But who do you say I am?” Jesus asked his disciples. Why did He ask them that question? Jesus wasn’t bothered by what the crowds said, He was interested in the revelation His disciples had of Him. Aren’t we His disciples in this present age? If the answer is YES, we must therefore know Jesus for ourselves. We must work towards having our own daily revelation of Jesus. No second-hand revelation!

Our #LA Family members shared further:

“You cannot really know Jesus by the words or even life of another person. You get a personal revelation of who He really is from God.” – @Ayotolakeka

“Who is Jesus to you? What is your revelation of the Christ. To me, He is Healer, Friend, Intercessor and KING!” – @GodConscious1

“Therefore pray not 4 a flesh & blood revelation but for that which comes directly from the Holy Spirit.” – @SignetSeal

“I love Jesus. He asked “But who do #YOU say I am?” #LA130 stop focusing on what people are saying, what is your say?” – @_Ekaks

“Who do you say Jesus is? Who do I say Jesus is?? Who is Jesus to you?” – @Mz_Manuella

Jesus is asking us the same question today. “#LA Family, But who do you say I am?” Let us share our answers in the comment box below J

Food For Thought: Knowing God is personal. The testimony of others will never suffice.

Please deposit Matthew 16:16 into the memory bank:

Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”

Stay #FRESH, #CHAP and #ALIVE!

DAY 008

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