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5 Things About #HymnFriday

1) EPH 5:19 sums it up pretty well and that’s basically what #HymnFriday is about:
“speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord”

2) #HymnFriday reminds us, and enables us, to sing hymns which have a way of revitalizing our Spirit.

3) Like @ikeamadi said, it doesn’t stop until you burst out in tongues,and that will definitely happen if you sing with us on #HymnFriday.

4) We sing together because scripture says sing to one another and since we are not with one another, twitter provides a platform.

5) Many people have so far testified that #HymnFriday is a blessing to them. We are very sure it will bless you as well.

Join us this Friday and sing one hymn for your Jesus!

And yea, see what participants have said so far:

And boy, do we trend. No. 1 every Friday!

Secretary, #HymnFriday
…one hymn for my Jesus.

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