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Do you have zeal for the house of God? By Pastor Jerry Sturgeon

Read the Book! Psalms Chapters 69-72 June 17

Psalm 69:9 “Because zeal for Your House has eaten me up, And the reproaches of those who reproach You have fallen on me.”
This Psalm is consider a prophecy of Jesus. But aren’t we suppose to be like Him? To love what He loves, and hate what He hates? Jesus’s zeal cleansed the Temple, to prepare for the entrance of Gentiles.

Are we like Jesus? Has zeal for God’s House consumed us? Or do we “play it safe?” Why? What have we got to lose? One woman came to Springfield, Missouri to plant a church. Struggling, but with zeal, she committed herself to a fast of bread and water for a year. Today from her little group, over 20 churches exist. What is the zeal for the house of God telling us to do?

Don’t we need to be concerned with the future of God’s House?  Which future? The few years left on earth, or eternity? We want to hear God say “Well done”?
Let’s put our zeal to work! Fast, Pray, Witness, Invite. Every person you meet, ask them if you can pray with them about something. Let’s turn over the tables of the money changers. Don’t leave without praying!

If we do, we will hear Him say, “You never lost your zeal for the House of God!”

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