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The LA Family

Wisdom In The Word Supports My Faith And My Works (Eccl. 10) #LAWisdom Devotional by Kemi Ayorinde.


Bible reading: Genesis 41 and Ecclesiastes 10

Wisdom In The Word Supports My Faith And My Works.

TEXT: “Happy is the land whose king is a noble leader and whose leaders feed at the proper time, to gain strength for their work, not to get drunk.” Ecclesiastes10:17 (NLT)



The rest of the year lies ahead us; strategic praying and planning is required to accomplish great success. A person who does not understand the essence of wisdom in proper planning/timing has a high chance of failing at fulfilling their purpose. Applying your faith and work when God speaks, that’s success.

When the spirit of God prompts us, like it did Pharaoh, we must act swiftly. Do not be delayed or stopped by societal norms or economy. When God says move, He provides the resources.

Pray: Open my ears and incline my heart to Your word, Lord. I receive grace to take bold steps this year – to let go of my unbelief and put my faith to work. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Written by Kemi Ayorinde of @thelafamily