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The LA Family

‘Win Back Your Place’ (Eze 44) by @Sholape1 #LAFruits Devotional


Reading: Ezekiel 44, Psalm 111

Win Back Your Place

TEXT: “because they ministered unto them before their idols…they shall not come near unto me…” Ezekiel 44:12-13

Does God still have confidence in us to speak the undiluted truth of the Word? Are we still taking charge of the things that matter to God – evangelizing, soul winning, supporting the poor and needy, judging righteously, or have we outsourced these ‘drab’ services? (Ezekiel 34:4) Are our services and living edifying or lead men astray? (Ezekiel 44: 12 Goodnews)
In today’s reading, some Levites soiled their office of priesthood by ministering to other gods and lost their right to minister to God. Well, maybe we don’t worship local deities, but how different are we really from them? Don’t we say things that are pleasing to the ears or should not to be said? (Titus 1:11b)

As believers, we have a priesthood of true worship. A ministry of teaching the world what is holy and profane. To bring many into the glorious inheritance, which is Christ through our lives and living. However, sometimes we get caught up in life and trends that we veer off this track. Today, we are challenged to stop and evaluate our worship as we begin to lead men to God, and not to idols.

LEARN and APPLY: Today, I gain wisdom as I move in the consciousness of how faithful, just and dependable is our God. I will bring to mind all His past help and worship Him because He never forgets His covenant. Psalms 111: 5b; 10a (Good News)

Pray: Faithful Father, I am sorry that I have veered off true worship. Forgive me. Bring me back to You and grant me grace to live up to Your expectations in my walk with and work for You in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Written by Olushola Aromona (@Sholape1) of @thelafamily